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Very useful app for trekking. I use it even though I work as a trek leader. This app helps me and my trekkers stay safe


Trek Leader

Went on my first solo hike using this app to Gokarna. Never felt so confident. The food points and view points are so accurate


Solo hiker

Once a month I just open the app with my friends, and decide our next hike. The GPS location helps us know that we are on the right track.


Avid Traveller

Love the app. Very similar to Alltrails that we have in US. Used it for my first trek to Kalsubai. Never missed a turn.



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Frequently asked questions

What is Trailleo?

Trailleo is a offline GPS navigation app that can be used to discover and enjoy the best treks around you.

Does the app work without internet or network?

Yes! The app works on GPS navigation and can be used to get directions without the use of network or internet. Make sure you download the trek, so that you can use it offline

Is the app paid?

No. This is a free app. Anyone and everyone can use this app to get discover and get directions on treks for free.

How to use Trailleo?

Use Trailleo to find your next trekking adventure. Go through 100+ curated trails of India from the Himalayas to Maharashtra. Know everything about your next adventure starting from how to reach the base campto where you can find food and water. Use the GPS navigation to find your way through the mountains even without internet